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A search for recognition, belonging and purpose!

Have you ever wondered why things aren’t always exactly as they seem? Why they are not really what they look to be?

It is probably because we spend most of the time looking at the wrong picture or not looking where we should be looking to understand, and eventually see the real picture or image of things.

To be born, give birth is a sacred and natural occurrence that in many, if not all societies is as great as great can be and calls for celebration of the new born, emergence of a new life.

To grow, to live and thrive, this is a whole different equation where you go through different rites of passages and rituals and you need an enabling and supportive environment. In most of the cases you have to conform to the social set norms, values and traditions none of which you came with, mostly to survive.

For many of us this is the process that makes or breaks you, that determines if you will thrive or survive the darkest and treacherous ways of man to discover the purpose for why and which you are here.

I don’t know if we choose our gender/sex at birth or before birth, or this is given by those that welcome us here. This, already starts to define your identity, roles in the society and shapes your future.

In many societies once born a girl, you are tender, precious, a rare gift and so vulnerable to be protected always. In some, well, since you can’t be a heir of your father and contribute to building his clan through reproduction, it’s a pity and only valuable if you can bring in good value when dowry is ever discussed for what you will contribute to the other man’s clan.

Born a boy, in many if not all societies they see a man that will hunt, fight, reproduce, provide and a rock to protect what needs protecting in the society.

Well, these are all my personal views from my personal experiences and gladly welcome you to share yours, it’s a safe space.

The purpose of this blog is to welcome and introduce you to what is to be a journey of inquiry, exploration, creating and sharing our lived experiences, opinions, imaginations and that which we intend to live for.

Come let’s unite on this journey of minds, bodies and spirit! It’s a call to the individuals that make the community we are.

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