Art skills development

Theatre/Creative writing
Film and Photography

With over 10 years of experience in the art of dance performance, choreography and instruction, we are designing a training model that incorporates a variety of dance techniques and genres to produce versatile dance artists. Based in Uganda – East Arica, we dig into the roots of a rich and diverse culture of movement and sounds of the African decent and openly embrace the foreign dance vocabularies to create our own artistic identity and expression.


Music is a very powerful learning and teaching tool in our programs. It has the power to evoke authentic emotions and connect people. We use music to build teams and meaningful relations, expression and entertainment.

Theatre/Creative writing

We use theatre and writing to develop imagination, creativity, presenting and role-playing different aspects of society to create awareness and understanding of our environment. Our emerging poets will captivate, feed your soul, ignite and thrill your mind.

Film and Photography

With over 8 years of experience in film and photography production, script writing, casting and location scouting, we train and produce documentary, adverts, NGO promotion videos and TV interviews.


Through sports activities we encourage, develop and promote talents, leadership, self-confidence/esteem, team play and effective communication skills. Apart from being a good exercise physically, sports is a powerful tool to bridge social gaps and unite people.

Life skills and Leadership development

Creative Facilitation:
Our experience in non-formal education and youth programs stretches from 2009 with In Movement: Art For Social Change. We practice and use tools from the Creative Community Model designed by Partners for Youth Empowerment Global. We incorporate the arts and sports tools focusing on character and personal development, leadership and community service and creatively facilitate individuals to realize and develop their inherent talents and gifts.

Economic empowerment

Teaching value extraction, creation and business leadership to develop the entrepreneurship skills and mentality to help the youth transform their skills and talents into revenue/income sources.

Teaching the value of time, planning, resourcefulness, team play, negotiation and commitment, we develop a professional character fit for job market requirements.


Our Methodology combines physical, mental and spiritual experiential and practical learning activities using arts and sports tools, group discussions, meditation and community service and it is built on three principles;

A Safe learning environment

Learning should be fun and non-discriminatory, therefor we prioritize building trust, team cohesion and inclusiveness during program activities.

Non-subjective teacher-student relationships

Everyone is a teacher and every one is a students, we discourage subjective leadership characters in our programs. However, we observe and respect boundaries.

Life-long learning

We encourage, develop and promote a life long learning attitude which enhances mental flexibility and adaptation to different environments at any age.

WHERE and with WHOM

Our main areas of work include but not limited to urban and rural settlements with limited resources, facilities and opportunities. It is our calling to inspire and create learning environments where learners and teachers take action and responsibility to protect each other’s right to education and freedom of expression.

Our target groups include: –


We work with children from as young as 5 to 12 years and introduce them to an environment of learning that fosters creativity, independent thinking and imagination.


From 13 years of age onward, this is a very critical stage in our human development as we transition from childhood to adulthood. These are defining years that shape the character we bring into adulthood. We explore creativity, decision making, relationships, conflict resolution, critical thinking as the magnitude of challenges becomes more revealed.

Youth workers

Youth workers play the guiding and mentoring role and many times they need support. We hold training workshops and create supportive networks that allow sharing of practices, information and tools on how to best support they youth.


The Impact/Expected results


Using our farm business model as an example, we train and equip the youth with different entrepreneurship skills, encouraging them to extract, create and give value for economic advancement.


Focusing on the exploration and development of the individual’s mind, body and soul, we invite and take participants on a journey to tap into and cultivate the potential with in. Develop a deeper understanding and awareness of self in relation to others.

Leadership skills

Self discipline, effective communication, active listening, commitment to learning and teamwork are some of the leadership qualities students develop in our programs. Our weekend and outreach programs are youth lead. The youth mobilize each other, plan, implement and evaluate the activities.


90% of our students at the beginning of the program suffer from low self-esteem and lack self-confidence. Our program activities are designed to gradually restore, improve and build confidence and self-esteem. Self-confidence is the key to unlocking, discovering and uncovering the hidden passions and gifts we all bare with in.

Community service

During the program the youth are required to volunteer at different community centers, schools and NGOs to further develop their skills and gain work experience as they give back to the community. This increases their chances of employment and develops the heart of giving/service.


We believe creativity is everybody’s birthright but we loose it to systems designed to stifle and numb it. We explore and design activities that guide and help us to reclaim and develop our creative nature. Through creativity we can find solutions to each and every Global challenge and problem. So creativity is a necessity we must reclaim and develop.

Art skills

Instruction, choreography and performance in the creative industry is contributing to closing the unemployment gaps in Uganda among the youth. We have produced and exhibited theatre productions at different international and national festivals. The quality and growth of dance, music, poetry, and film/photography expression is tremendous. We work and mentor our youths to reach a professional hirable level.


This is a very
essential element in the human and community development and we don’t mean the
promotion of any religious subscription. We invite and encourage our students
to see and relate to life not only with and in the faculties of mind and body,
but also in the spirit. Through meditation/prayer, music and movement we allow
entry into a deeper place of self to cultivate presence, compassion, kindness,
empathy, acceptance, trust and forgiveness.