Soul-Xpressions is a Non-Government Organization based in Uganda, East Africa. Created in October 2012 and legalized on 20 July 2015, Soul-Xpressions was founded by Sebulime Elisha Davis an artist and creative facilitator together with Mugisha Frank,
Edgar Kanyike, Musiime Ivan and Hamza Primo former students of In Movement: Art For Social Change.

The Organization’s grand objective is to explore, create and share an education model that uses arts and sports tools to recognize, nurture and develop competences in the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical faculties/intelligences of our human
experience, and bridge the gap between the formal and non-formal learning and teaching tools.

Soul-Xpressions’s team has a wealth of experience in the field of youth work and non- formal education stretching back from 2010 with In Movement: Art For Social Change, and has been part of various local and international youth development projects and initiatives.

NGO Registration NO. INDR13211607NB (Indigenous Organization)
PIC no. 919182186 (EU Account)
EID – UG-2017-FRT-1712881665 (PADOR)

The Vision

A cohesive community of open minded, resourceful and self-aware individuals in Uganda.

The Mission

Creating safe environment, which engages children and youth to discover their identities and develop social and economical skills through Arts, Sports and non-formal education methodologies.

The Goals

Core Values